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Wood Chips

Wood Chips: A Multi-Purpose Solution For Your Home

When Tree Service of San Antonio removes a tree, we usually grind it into wood chips using our professional-grade equipment. To give you an idea of the scope of this extensive process, a mature Texas live oak tree can produce anywhere from several cubic yards of wood chips to over ten cubic yards. That’s a lot of wood chips!

Luckily, there’s almost no end to what San Antonio homeowners and businesses can do with this product. Read on for some common uses of wood chips to get an idea of the possibilities. When you’re ready to put this product to good use for yourself, reach out to our team!

Wood Chips Delivery Available

Discover the abundance of quality wood chips at Tree Service of San Antonio. We take pride in offering a variety of wood chips, carefully processed from local Texas trees.

With our availability, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking for chips for mulching or need a few cubic yards for a pathway, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to discuss delivery options when you book your service. Enhance your landscape with the natural beauty and practicality of our premium wood chips. Below are some popular ways area homeowners have used our product.

Wood Chips For Smoking

Here in San Antonio, we take food seriously. Use wood chips from Tree Service of San Antonio to fill your smoker. Infuse brisket with the unmistakable aroma of mesquite — or maybe pecan wood is more your flavor. Use our wood chips in your smoker and put that wood to good use!

Wood Chips For Gardening And Mulching

Topping your garden with wood chips is an economical and aesthetic choice. Save money on costly, dyed mulch and opt for a more environmentally friendly option. Get the look of mulch without the price tag when you purchase wood chips from our team.

A layer of wood chips on top of your garden beds helps deter weeds, holds in moisture and contributes to nitrogen in the soil. Keep your plants’ root systems cooler in the summer and enjoy a beautiful garden when you mulch with wood chips.

Playground Wood Chips

Wood chips aren’t just great for the backyard garden or barbecue — they’re also perfect for playgrounds. They provide cushioning for falls and can be spread at different depths. Beneath swings or jungle gyms or layered at the bottom of a slide, there are many ways to use them!

Wood Chip Mulch For Landscaping

Use wood chips as more than garden mulch. Line pathways with our product and enjoy a natural look with minimal upkeep. Wood chips deter weed growth and soil erosion. They don’t break down quickly, allowing you to enjoy your space for longer.

Unify the look of your space by letting wood chips do double duty — use it as mulch in your garden beds and as a medium for your pathways!

Waste Not: Wood Chips From Tree Service Of San Antonio

The versatility and benefits of wood chips from Tree Service of San Antonio are abundant. From garden mulching to enhancing your smoking experience or landscaping projects, our premium wood chips provide a natural and practical solution.

We invite you to explore the wide range of applications for our wood chips, ensuring your landscaping endeavors and outdoor experiences are enriched with the quality only our products can offer. From home gardens to commercial spaces, we’ve got the wood chips you need!

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your gardens, add flavor to your BBQ and enhance your outdoor spaces with the convenience of obtaining top-notch wood chips from our trusted company.

We’re happy to deliver complimentary wood chips during your next service — just let us know you’re interested when you call to schedule your appointment. Ready to get started? Reach out today!

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