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San Antonio, Texas Tree Removal Service

We hope you never have to experience the havoc created by a fallen tree or large branch on your property, but if you need our help, feel free to ask us for a free on-site consultation.

Sometimes a diseased tree has to go to prevent the spread of insects and pests to nearby plants and to secure the safety of everyone around it. At other times, a tree mars the landscape or endangers a structure.

Often we get calls from customers once a tree has already done damage to their home, business, property or worse. While we are more than capable of handling these types of tree removal situations, our preference is to keep our customers safe and remove the tree before it creates damage and more expense to the home-owner as you can see in situations such as these.

Whatever you are facing, our fully licensed and insured team will provide you with prompt and dependable services. We use the finest equipment and a precise touch to give you the results you expect.

Call Tree Service of San Antonio Today (210) 880-3011.

You can rest assure that our tree removal service will not disrupt your day more than necessary, our well-trained personnel and state of the art equipment will work effectively and efficiently.