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San Antonio Tree Trimming

If your trees are overgrown or have stopped growing entirely, we can help you!

Here in Southwest Texas, several species of trees thrive in our climate. Driving though neighborhoods in and around San Antonio, you can see oak trees, maple trees, cypress, elm, and cedar – just to name a few. Having mature trees your property can add to the appeal of your home. However, with large, mature trees comes the inevitable shower of tree branches and brush that will always grace your lawn, your gutters and sometimes even your roof! That’s where Tree Service of San Antonio comes in. We provide fast and efficient tree trimming and tree pruning for businesses and residents in Greater San Antonio.

Do my trees need to be trimmed?

There are several reasons why people contact us to have their tree cut. Keeping tree branches from getting too close to your house, or too close to power lines. Ensuring your trees are properly cared for can reduce damage to your property during harsh storms. It may also be necessary to thin out your tree if it becomes overgrown. One of the most common issues we come across are trees that have dead branches, or dead wood, which can stifle its growth. Regularly pruning your tree keeps it healthy and keeps it looking beautiful.

You may be tempted to trim a tree yourself, but it’s not always that easy. At Tree Service of San Antonio, we have a team of professional arborists that have the experience needed to safely and efficiently prune trees of all sizes. Don’t risk injuring yourself just so save a few dollars – we have the equipment and the skill to get the job done.

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