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Hondo, Texas Tree Service

“This is God’s Country; Please Don’t Drive Through It Like Hell.”

Located about 40 miles west of Downtown San Antonio, Hondo, Texas is a small city with a population under 10,000 residents. Once home to the largest air navigation school in the world, the Hondo Army Air Field trained more than 14,000 navigators for service during WWII.

Hondo, TX is most famously known for a sign posted in 1930, by the local Lions Club, which stated: “This is God’s Country, Don’t Drive Through It Like Hell.” A decade later, “Please” was added to the slogan because some of the city’s residents wanted the message to be a little nicer. To this day, the sign serves as a reminder for those traveling through town to slow down.

Tree Trimming and Tree Removal In Hondo, Texas

Although small in population, Hondo encourages new business ventures and development to become a part of this great community of people. Residents new and old continue to count on the professional tree trimming and tree removal services from Tree Service of San Antonio. For over 40 years, Tree Service of San Antonio has been serving Hondo and the Greater San Antonio area. Their commitment to excellent customer service and expert tree services is why residents and business continue to call on them for tree trimming, tree removal and more.