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Castroville, Texas Tree Service

Located in Medina County, the historic community of Castroville, TX is just a short drive west of San Antonio. Castroville was founded in 1844 along the shores of the Medina River. It’s known for its Alsatian architecture and historic homes, which date back to its origin as a community for families from Alsace, France. Castroville even earned the nickname “The Little Alsace of Texas.” Today, you’ll find many unique shops and restaurants among the historic Alsatian homes.

As a historic district, Castroville has remained committed to preserving its historic character and charm while growing as a modern community. Many residents are attracted to Castroville for its high-quality of life and healthy environment. All development in Castroville has been conducted through careful, community-conscious planning. This includes the preservation of many historic structures in the community.

Tree Trimming and Tree Brush Removal in Castroville, Texas

Since Castroville relies heavily on heritage tourism, tree services are an important part of the continuing development of the city to preserve the natural beauty many have come to enjoy here. Tree Service of San Antonio provides affordable tree services like tree trimming, tree removal, and brush clearing. We work on both residential and commercial properties. Our professional staff of arborists work fast and efficiently to get each job done. When you need your tree trimmed, or your land cleared, you can trust the professionals at Tree Service of San Antonio to get the job done right.