Ball Moss Removal in San Antonio & Boerne, TX

We provide fast & professional ball moss removal in San Antonio, Boerne & the surrounding areas

Ball moss is very common in San Antonio and is frequently found on our large population of oak trees. Ball moss is often confused for a parasite, but it actually what’s called an “epiphyte” and does not cause direct harm to your tree.

An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plants, absorbing its nutrients from the air. Lower branches on oak trees are an ideal environment for ball moss because of the restricted air movement. Ball moss will not cause branches on your tree to die. However, it can hinder the growth of tree branches and be ugly to look at. That’s why many people choose to have ball moss removed.

Removing ball moss will make your trees look much healthier

Because ball moss teds to hinder tree growth, you’ll often have dead limbs on your tree where the ball moss is located. When you call Tree Service of San Antonio for ball moss removal, we’ll not only get rid of the ball moss, we’ll remove the dead tree limbs. We don’t use harsh chemicals and, often, a lot of the ball moss can easily be removed by hand. Removing ball moss and dead tree limbs will make your trees look much more beautiful and healthy. 

Contact Tree Service of San Antonio for expert ball moss removal today

The experts at Tree Service of San Antonio have been providing superior tree service since 1973. Our team is made up of professional arborists who are committed to providing the best quality service. At Tree Service of San Antonio, we believe in safe and efficient tree services. For fast ball moss removal in San Antonio, contact Tree Service of San Antonio today at (210) 767-2700.
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